Wren’s Song

It’s happening, Joanna’s water broke,

we’re more than ready, but I’m still scared.


Breathe into every moment,

be the coach, we can do this.


It’s been hours and still no baby,

and Joanna is having a lot of pain.


I breathe with her and work with her,

be one with each contraction.


Her water broke so early,

there is no fluid to ease the pain.


What to do, what to do, can I call a time-out.

No, life must be lived and this must be done, now.


The contractions are constant

and the pain is relentless.


Joanna got an epidural and is getting some rest.

I am going to try and sleep, too.


She’s awake and Joanna says the “baby is coming”,

this is going fast now, let’s get it together.


They’re not ready but the baby is,

We can do this. we are ready.


Joanna grimaces, pushing with all she’s got,

the baby is coming. the baby is coming.


Hello my little one, I am so happy to hold you,

my heart sings listening to your cry.


Life’s breath of Love –

and Love’s breath of Life.

2 thoughts on “Wren’s Song

  1. Carl….i am weeping as i read this. mazel tov to you and your family. from generation to generation we pass the love the songs and heart beats

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