Alternative Facts

Don’t piss on my shoes and say it’s raining,

duplicity is the real terrorist.


We see, if you disagree, “you’re fired”.

We hear, if you cause problems, you’re gone.

Blow smoke up his ass and you’re admired.


“Mandated” by the skin of his tooth,

with factless frenzy, he betrays what’s real.

It’s his truth and nothing but self-served truth.


Un-resilient he must have agreement,

he tweets “I know you are but what am I”,

and then demands respectful testament.


He does not listen and speaks with forked tongue.

It is his hubris that troubles me most:

despite his bottom’s line, his crap is dung.


The extreme vetting is so ironic,

he issues orders like he’s herding cats

and disenfranchises with the sardonic.


Resistance might be pissing in the wind,

and trusting this gilded narcissist rough.

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