Sitting there in the Square
ruined and disheveled,
cloaked in drab failure,
passers by pass by

One stops and stoops
and with extended hand
says, “Tell me about it,”
and sits to listen.

“I took the coin
and I ran, spending it all
without care, and by myself,
I was a winner.

Now, look at me,
I am wrecked, I have nowhere
to go, and no one to see,
I am so ashamed.”

“I feel your pain,
you are so down for the count
and there is no magic wand
to make it OK

All is not lost,
but there ‘ain’t nothin easy’
the past does not dictate
the future, you do.

Be happy, and follow your heart,
your here is on the ground,
your now is letting go
your joy is mercy”

Their eyes locked,
and they embraced the moment.
Feeling worthwhile, they parted
to each their own way.

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