The Idea

“the thing is to find the truth which is true for me” Indeed, I am an idealist and I will tilt at windmills; however, I must keep it real. Some would rather be mad than pleased; some would rather worry than be happy. As for myself, I do not judge. Indeed, I am very loyal […]

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Waiting with patience for the scent, the cat sat there calm and intent. Eyes focused and breathing content; she did not wonder what this meant. Alone in the dark, poised for the pounce waiting for the prey to announce, she did not care who would renounce. For mercy brings a happy bounce. She ponders what’s […]

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emphatic embrace patient patience pales awesome aweful affinity courageous courage cares hardy heart heaves hearty hurting healed hugged harmony heaven helped us holding hastened harming hindered hardships humbled blooming ripeness bursting softness heartfelt awareness measured response putting up with taking care of union always in all ways

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Pat and Chris were already home, when she awoke from her short nap. She sauntered into the kitchen and took in the smells of dinner, and, expressed her satisfaction with a nuzzle of approval. She settled back on her haunches and then with perfect alertness she sniffed as they prepared supper. Moving her nose from […]

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The Will of God

“Don’t worry,” the young one said, “I’m getting to you by the labyrinth.” There is a lesson in these words – I want to be told, what to do, to be clear on my directions; but as I walk life’s labyrinth, it is clear that is not the case. So, these words teach and assure […]

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