Fear Itself

No one knows but me my fear No one cares or sheds a tear. To look with cursory glance, one would not have an inkling of my distress or trembling. Shoulders straight and chest held high, I walk with calm assurance playing an all-is-well stance. Alone in my room I cringe and anxiously I wallow […]

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“What are we but a shadow… of ashes and dust, a flower that blooms and withers” Incarnation Crucifixion Resurrection there is no plan and there is a way: we are co-creators the sacrifice sanctifies all: the reverse pathway our perfection is in being imperfect: God gives grace “We who abide in Love abide in God […]

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Let Go, Let God

It’s hard to give over control, as if, I ever had control. It’s hard to say, “I’ve lost control”, assuming I was in control. I’ve noticed some just want answers, and there are really no answers. I’ve noticed some make up answers, despite questions without answers. I cannot create solutions grasping at straws aren’t solutions. […]

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I hold onto being held – let go without letting go. Happiness is within reach of open palm and spread arms A closed hand makes a clenched fist, which neither points or picks up An extended hand shares life – halving sorrows and doubling joy. Embrace the Force that’s with us – God’s presence is […]

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