Dress the part Be the role Team players dress in locker rooms Putting on the uniform All for one and one for all Civil servants dress in precincts Wearing badges on the chest protecting and serving Celebrants dress in sacristies Donning multicolor vestments Welcoming all to the table Cooks dress in kitchens Tying aprons and […]

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Waiting with patience for the scent, the cat sat there calm and intent. Eyes focused and breathing content; she did not wonder what this meant. Alone in the dark, poised for the pounce waiting for the prey to announce, she did not care who would renounce. For mercy brings a happy bounce. Alertly she ponders […]

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Life and Light – Weak and Bright – Strong and Slight – Death and Night The Word abides Without; we all suffer as one. The sacred Heart enjoins our every fiber. Oneness and Fulfillment is not blocked by levels. Listen, our silent Sun opens the unlocked Door. The Word ascends Below; we all suffer as […]

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Once and for all wholeness – or all for one oneness Perfection of being – or reflecting meaning. The first a higher call asks one to find a way; despite failure and fall, to become what but may. The second a consort lets one travel the path; Asea without a port, less the power of […]

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Burning initially, it sheds light, a beacon of Hope for darkness. Burning intensely, its radiance pierces, diminishing itself for wholeness. Burning incessantly, it flickers with poise, illuminating the way for oneness. Burning intently, its gaze dances, with uneven bursts for fullness. Burning innately, it lives its life without a sound for calmness.

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