She is above the law and does not wear a badge. she is beyond the rule and does not need a shield. With wide open eyes, she mocks blind justice. With wide open arms, she gives peace and mercy. Without empty threats, she feels my pain with me. Without leaving a scar, she uses a […]

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… with the eyes of God

Seeing with the eyes of God, I peer through my own façade. Accepting my personal role, I wonder what does God see through the window of my soul. Listening without deflection, I shudder in realizing, I am divine reflection. The beauty of the flower is its awesome blossoming, standing tall in a shower. While watching […]

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Joy and Sadness

Joy and Sadness go hand in hand. Sadness without Joy is despair. Joy without Sadness is cheeky. Sadness is vital to Joy’s joy, adversity provides comfort, loss increases happiness. Joy is vital to Sad’s sadness, confidence overcomes distress, gain often only comes through pain. Sadness makes Joy’s joy real, hope listens with an open heart, […]

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Have ears to hear eyes to see and the heart to listen ‘Daddy” “What?” Young eyes are guileless Sincere questions get sincere answers “Dad” “What!” Her eyes were wide open Surprise, surprise means shock and awe “Pops” “Whaaat!?” His eyes were glaring raging outrage needs measured response “Papa” “Whattt?!” Older eyes stare intently Inciting incites […]

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