but what if…

To embrace our sacred Truth,
cling to cleanliness of heart,
it’s purity is for real.

The willful and arrogant
are impure and self absorbed,
they only fake it, really.

“Modesty has flown the world
and decency is scoffed at”
thus, the Truth is subverted.

“I must do what’s right for me”
is the credo of the day;
and, life becomes “but what if…”

Some teachers fill our children
with the most selfish of thoughts —
crushed and smothered are their hearts.

With forked tongues, they teach the young,
“what’s in it for me” drivel
causes their hearts to shrivel

We have just this antidote:
“Where evil abounded,
grace did more abound.”

So, embrace the young ones and
immune them from perilous
willfulness and arrogance.

Yes, cling with a pure, clean heart,
and edify our children,
help them realize the Truth


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