It was a harsh winter record snows record lows I absorb the sun’s warmth enjoying the kindness I am content It was a harsh winter money woes money blows I bask in the sun’s brightness peacefully enlightened I am at peace It was a harsh winter wrinkled toes wrinkled nose I rest with the sun […]

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Washing the Dishes

The dishes lay there – left to languish – frustrated from their purpose. Left there in the sink – disrespected – the stainless steel bowl besmirched. Sudsing up is good – reincarnates – they so want to be useful. Then too, soiled is good – real fulfilling – unsullied is not service. Cleaning is for […]

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Hear with Heart

My hardened heart must hear the cry of distress my neighbor is in need, I have-to respond, it does not take an earth-shaking miracle “Pray to be filled with compassion, with pity, with charity for all… come down quickly from the mountain of conceit” The marginalized just want to be heard, I must say, “I […]

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No good becomes it; “to be or not to be” Before befallen belittles, be still Behaving because besmirches benignity Besides bemuses, beneath betrays Befitting bewails belongs behind Bewitched beheading befuddles bewilderment Begin believing beyond betwixt Behest begets being befriended Behalf beseeching bestows beauty Between beloved behold be loved Bemoan bereavement, beckon bequeathing Begonias blooming be […]


but what if…

To embrace our sacred Truth, cling to cleanliness of heart, it’s purity is for real. The willful and arrogant are impure and self absorbed, they only fake it, really. “Modesty has flown the world and decency is scoffed at” thus, the Truth is subverted. “I must do what’s right for me” is the credo of […]

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