Streets of San Francisco

What goes up, must come down. Obvious but not easy, unappealing and so hard, indeed, for sure, a daunting walk, that’s the rub. An unfaltering brisk pace, that’s unlikely to happen: difficult climbs and descents. exhaust me. What’s the point of the steep grade? Going up is a tiring task! Going down is a forced […]

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Justice and Mercy

Justice speaks the truth Mercy hears the truth Justice is blind with his ears covered Mercy is shocked with her mouth covered Justice gives nothing and takes it all. Mercy has nothing to give and gives it all. Mercy listens with respect and convenes with a fiat Justice will not hear of it and adjourns […]

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A most pleasing gift is piety — it’s faithful without anxiety, submissive and yet non-demanding, always prudent while promise keeping. I want to be that pleasant present and unwrap myself with assent, not bowed with denial in my heart to grieve the undone good of my part. I regret the loss through my neglect, and […]

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