Bite the Bullet

“ ‘Love not the world, nor the
things which are in the world.’
Would it not be too bad if because
of some little bit of untamed
human nature, you were making
that grace void: because of some
imperious spirit of selfishness.”

He’s dead, the poor dead One; and yet,
we pay no attention to what happened.
The state of the art and up-to-date
haven’t much use for the wounded one.
They just pretend he does not apply.

The more I don’t mind the imposed wounds,
that much more I wound my companions;
the more I am mindful of the hurt,
that much less I hurt you, my friend.
There’s healing in a heartfelt embrace,

In the past, I’ve been distracted by
other ways of living – of dreaming.
I’ve changed though; and now, abide by the
law of helpful conscientiousness,
to be a force of truth and goodness.

Contrary to worldly wisdom’s way
the first is not the last impression.
So, no need to lie, bluff, cheat or ruse;
sincerity and commitment rule.
Failure can be graced and bring success.

So, while remaining mindful of the
law of unintended consequence,
I bite the bullet with my whole heart;
and, I rest assured in blessed mercy —
I am safe and sound and protected.
“I am what I am; the Love in me
has not been void of its consequence.”


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