Justice speaks the truth Justice is blind with ears covered Mercy is shocked with mouth covered Justice gives nothing and takes it all. Mercy takes nothing and gives it all. Mercy listens with respect and convenes with a fiat Justice will not hear of it and adjourns with a quid pro quo Mercy opens a […]

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My greed is the world’s desecration poverty is my consecration. Poorness is a grace and a blessing, and it makes me uncomfortable but living it beyond professing is courageous and admirable The perfection of my poverty is to ignore the earthly needing or wanting to own some property and to expect while not demanding “As […]

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I have truth on good authority; but, it’s relative and incomplete and it cannot be tethered or bought. Truth’s way is lit by obedience. To obey creates peace and accord and basks me in gentle Love’s soft Light. I’m careful to nurture this virtue. Obedience begets harmony; disobedience ends in discord. Obediencesubmission is freedom’s fulcrum, […]

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Bite the Bullet

“ ‘Love not the world, nor the things which are in the world.’ Would it not be too bad if because of some little bit of untamed human nature, you were making that grace void: because of some imperious spirit of selfishness.” He’s dead, the poor dead One; and yet, we pay no attention to […]

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