The call to serve is simple:
“Do the will of the one who sends”

Submission stirs success.
Compliance creates concord.
Obedience grooms growth.
Deference defies discord.
Reverence requires rightness.

“Have confidence in your leaders
and submit to their authority,
for they keep watch over you…
Do this and their work is a joy, not a burden,
for that would be of no benefit to you”

“The self-willed person will say,
‘I will not serve,’ or
‘I will serve only so many times,’ or
‘I will serve only some time,
somewhere or so much.’ ”

Follow our will at our peril
‘our way or the highway’
leaves us on the side of the road
and no good can come of that
and destines us for the scrap heap.

Follow our heart and be happy
One and all, hand in hand
Leaves us all at the hallowed table
and only good comes of that
and destines us for graced blessings

The answer is simply this:
“With my whole-heart, I am all in.”


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