The call to serve is simple: “Do the will of the one who sends” Submission stirs success. Compliance creates concord. Obedience grooms growth. Deference defies discord. Reverence requires rightness. “Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority, for they keep watch over you… Do this and their work is a joy, not a […]

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Do trees obey the laws of nature? Do angels submit against their will? Obedience Trees embracing the wind branches harboring with joy Submission Angels do the best they can both advocating and challenging “Let it be” Do no harm Do the loving thing “Union of wills” Harmony of hearts Symphony of souls Submit We cannot […]

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We sing in unison, then settle in to “Play ball” He turns and squats before Her, he bows his head and prays “Help me”, he asks silently, “I beg you, keep me whole.” Ready, he springs to his feet, filled with Her mercy He plays with abandon on his toes He plays gracefully with his […]

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Common Life

Shoulder to shoulder, cheek by jowl arm in arm, hand in hand Love of God, neighbor, and self in union with each other. Zealous, holy, and graceful not one, not two, together. Share the have and the have-not, bring something to the table. Easy lefts and rigid rights, rest assured something happens. Keep the good […]

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