For God’s Sake

Obedience is the harmony of wills, taking the will of another doing the will of another Obedience is not blind Submission is not imposed A delicate balance this compliance: going along and going alone, some of me and some of them, What’s in it for me? Oneness Timing is everything, the union of not one-not […]

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I’ve been here for a while. There ain’t no way out, I don’t see a way out. There are always possibilities There’s no sign of life. It would seem I can’t get out, I don’t see a way in. Seize the moment, be the belief This must be the end. I’ll never hug again, never […]

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“Service, generous endless service, only true reverence will suffice.” giving kindness, even sacrifice, keeps me calm and not to be nervous. Yes, friendship’s cost I sometimes lament, it demands much and can be painful; and, often makes me cross and woeful. Such false self-love in that moment. No, that moment calls for self-giving and expects […]

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“…every good gift and every perfect present, is bestowed upon us by the Creator of Light…” It’s a waste for me to hoard my gifts, I must unwrap and be present and in that “nakedness” let the Light shine. I must treasure the gifts as priceless blessings, and share these holy graces. For, it’s better […]

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