He promised them a graced blessing — peace;
peace –the fulfillment of all virtue.

“Peace, that contentment of the mind
that tranquility of the spirit, that
rest of the soul, that sense of security”

Alas, I focus on my own peace
without regard for consequences,
or for the dissonance created.

That “peace” is imposed and it is false –
broken hearted I ache for healing
exploited I yearn for acceptance.

That “peace” is for show and it is sad –
marginalized I want inclusion
hungry and parched I need nourishment.

From the manger at Bethlehem
to the blood-soaked cross at Golgotha,
he worked, struggled, and prayed for our peace.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace
I give you… Do not let your hearts
be troubled and do not be afraid”

Calmly, he performs great miracles,
banishes gloom, and dispels despair;
the troubled become still and have peace.

He shares with us how to laugh and cry;
He shares with us how to live and die;
We are all welcome at his table.

Be still my heart, and “observe good
faith and justice toward all nations.
Cultivate peace and harmony with all”


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