He promised them a graced blessing — peace; peace –the fulfillment of all virtue. “Peace, that contentment of the mind that tranquility of the spirit, that rest of the soul, that sense of security” Alas, I focus on my own peace without regard for consequences, or for the dissonance created. That “peace” is imposed and […]

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Spirituality uses a third eye, religiousness looks askew. The eye is the window of the soul Behold the Divine, stare intently at the horizon, the endless shore of heaven. See the Maker, watch the wind shake the leaves. Wonder from whence it came. Gaze at the Creator, peer into the darkness, the long shadow of […]

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Tie a String Around My Finger

Don’t forget to remember Drink the moon shine Walk in delight Quaff the lunar twilight See the wind whine Move without flight Behold the Light’s soundbite Hear the bud sign Catch the sunlight Listen to the bees’ plight Smell the tree line Stroll with the height Sniff the branches’ bark blight Feel the sea’s rhyme […]

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