“Where is the one that is born king of the Jews?
For we have seen his star in the East”

The three wise magi came bearing gifts
they were lead by their hearts and a star
bringing tidings of comfort and joy

Presenting their presents and leaving.
We do not know where they came from or
like the wandering wind where they went.

They were illumined and enlightened
with sciences and philosophy,
trusted counselors and advisors.

A truth had been handed down to them:
our majesty would be born under
a star whose light would shine on the Light

“A king would come, who would renovate
and make all things right. His advent would
be the appearance of a strikingly brilliant star”

we’re still today in awe of their trek
their commitment to that heartfelt truth
their unyielding seeking for the Light

they found a stable drenched in light and
humbly entered the humble abode
leaving gold, frankincense, and myrrh gifts

The baby they found changed everything,
and those gifts they brought are for us, too.


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