Silent Night

I know that I don’t know, as I kneel at the manger with my hands folded His birth is the sacrifice that saves His being is for the time being His doing is for my undoing Now and then “He came to his own country, but his own people did not receive him.” Yes, he […]

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Rest Stop

The highway is an endless stream of metal horses careening – ‘rode hard and put away wet’. Detachment stops and rest. Quid pro quo keeps going. Mindfulness keeps quiet. Thoughtfulness moves forward. Heartfeltness reflects truth. Sincerity never stops. Trusting the dance of harmony, I pull over on the roadside, pausing to watch the grass grow.

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In It

Smart says, “Look for the return/ If it’s not there; then just bail. Discard; to make sure they earn, Swap the letters; to not fail” Or… play the hand you’ve been dealt – the rack of wordless letters. Believe the truth will be spelt, trust the cards, beat the betters. It makes a big difference […]

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I have truth on good authority; but, it’s relative and incomplete and it cannot be tethered or bought. Truth’s way is lit by obedience. To obey creates peace and accord and basks me in gentle Love’s soft Light. I’m careful to nurture this virtue. Obedience begets harmony; disobedience ends in discord. Obedience is freedom’s fulcrum, […]

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It’s All Good

Can I walk on the water? Can I soar under the sea? These wonders I can do – by making it real through believing then seeing: transcendent acts with sister water. These mysteries I can be – focusing with care, work into play transforming: calm always in all ways with water. Will I stumble if […]

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