IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)

True humility is of the heart;
through submission it balances the
mind’s ego and the soul’s selfishness.

Humble is letting go of the lie;
my lies, they make me dazed and dizzy —
Humble is hip hi’s and soft so-long’s.
“Look out for that soothing self-satisfaction,
which tells you that you have done something good”
No good can come of that. So, I gulp
the antidote for the hissing words’
bite — by snubbing the at-a-boy’s, and
the we-couldn’t-do-it-without-you’s.

Humble is not being miserable;
to stop squandering and whimpering —
Humble is not fake, phony, or forged.
It is hard to keep my promise, and
tempting to let go of the tension,
to just abandon the shared burden;
but, I strive with smirks and grimaces
to have peace and equanimity;
holiness found in mucking around.

Humble is espousing the whole truth;
my truth, in fear and trembling and hope —
Humble is accepting choseness.
I embrace with open, empty arms
confident despite contradiction
calm in the face of adversity
regardless of the attack on my
honor and despite my wounded pride
from the harsh hurtful castigation

Enlightening the egoless mind,
awakening the unselfish soul,
the humble heart submits graciously.


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