Years ago, my dad died, on his own terms, in his own way; and, mom was left to live alone in her chair by herself. She blamed him for her misery as the house fell apart. We chose an assisted living close by and sold the homestead. She was happy in her chair with the […]

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graceful joyousness restful emptiness zestful rigidness remorseful quickness resentful wellness watchful openness awful worthiness wonderful sadness suspenseful goodness youthful sereneness powerful kindness soulful pleasantness peaceful jumpiness prayerful closeness colorful witness helpful contriteness insightful darkness dreadful consciousness vengeful directness faithful diverseness meaningful fondness fearful loveliness untruthful brightness beautiful frankness thoughtful brazenness hopeful nothingness blissful happiness hurtful […]

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IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)

True humility is of the heart; through submission it balances the mind’s ego and the soul’s selfishness. Humble is letting go of the lie; my lies, they make me dazed and dizzy — Humble is hip hi’s and soft so-long’s. “Look out for that soothing self-satisfaction, which tells you that you have done something good” […]

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