The Eyes Have It

I really do hate the double standard;
I’d rather be held to a high standard

“All you need is love” our hearts do acclaim;
but, familiarities our tight lips defame.
Our fear of intimacy is a shame.

Indeed, our souls espouse equality;
but, our thoughts betray with duplicity —
ironic confidentiality.

On the one hand, let me give you a hand;
on the other hand, I do need a hand.
We are so afraid to walk hand in hand.

In my heart, I must choose to take your side;
but often, I decide to not reside.
To get along, I must work side by side.

My hopes include that someone has my back;
and, too true, what happens behind my back —
unhappily cannot be taken back.

When I’m stuck in the labyrinth riddle,
the only way to get to the middle
is to turn around at the eye of the needle.

Lead with the heart and the soul will follow.
Lead with the head and the soul will fallow.
Heartfulness is wisdom’s soulful fellow.

While peering through my windows of the soul,
I accept the view of another’s soul


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