Me and You

I really do not want to do this;
but, I am vulnerable to you.

“Enjoy you” – really

Can’t I just enjoy my other-ness?
It’s too hard; joy’s pain of incomplete.
It’s not worth joy’s hurt of won’t-last.

What about on-the-ground reality?
Truth is, I’m always left with “sad”;
because, the “happy” is so fleeting.

Why are you asking me to do this?
How is it possible, you do this?
It’s difficult to see the way through.

“Enjoy you” – really

How is it that you so enjoy it?
Indeed, I’m blocked!.. and have no way through.
So, I must turn in Life’s labyrinth.

I believe in this place; I’m led to.
It’s not the same stuff just rearranged;
it’s not falling apart at the seams.

It’s where I hear inaudible moans
and listen with care to silent cries.
My heart is free and my soul awake.

I – really – enjoy you.


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