Be Still My Heart

It’s peace that stills my heart; but,
it is at a cost, coming
without cool, composed comfort.

Amid hard times and unrest,
it’s peace that keeps me calm in
the face of adversity.

The weak-hearted can’t find it
nor can the willful make it —
it’s relentless discreteness.

The proud-hearted can’t find it
nor can the depressed make it —
it’s humble optimism.

Peace bears the burden of life;
tests and trials and temptations
and troubling tribulations.

A thirsting heart can find it,
dryness draws us towards it —
the restless will have fullness.

A broken heart can find it,
sadness inclines us to it —
the abandoned will have joy.

My peaceful practices will
give me strength and confidence,
refresh me in time of need.

“Hold firmly to peace of heart,
have tranquil patience
with the divine way”


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