The Eyes Have It

I really do hate the double standard; I’d rather be held to a high standard “All you need is love” our hearts do acclaim; but, familiarities our tight lips defame. Our fear of intimacy is a shame. Indeed, our souls espouse equality; but, our thoughts betray with duplicity — ironic confidentiality. On the one hand, […]

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Me and You

I really do not want to do this; but, I am vulnerable to you. “Enjoy you” – really Can’t I just enjoy my other-ness? It’s too hard; joy’s pain of incomplete. It’s not worth joy’s hurt of won’t-last. What about on-the-ground reality? Truth is, I’m always left with “sad”; because, the “happy” is so fleeting. […]

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Breaking Bread

We humbly break bread in remembrance we honor and bless our holy one For giving us our complete fullness, our reverse pathway, our nourishing meal, “Through the Holy Eucharist He unites himself to us to nourish our souls with divine life” We humbly break bread in remembrance we honor and bless our redeemer Forgiving us […]

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Be Still My Heart

It’s peace that stills my heart; but, it is at a cost, coming without cool, composed comfort. Amid hard times and unrest, it’s peace that keeps me calm in the face of adversity. The weak-hearted can’t find it nor can the willful make it — it’s relentless discreteness. The proud-hearted can’t find it nor can […]

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