Bite the Bullet

“ ‘Love not the world, nor the things which are in the world.’ Would it not be too bad if because of some little bit of untamed human nature, you were making that grace void: because of some imperious spirit of selfishness.” He’s dead, the poor dead One; and yet, we pay no attention to […]

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but what if…

To embrace our sacred Truth, cling to cleanliness of heart, it’s purity is for real. The willful and arrogant are impure and self absorbed, they only fake it, really. “Modesty has flown the world and decency is scoffed at” thus, the Truth is subverted. “I must do what’s right for me” is the credo of […]

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“My tongue hesitates and falter as I pronounce, Mother of God” Is God all that is and that is all? Our ideas of God don’t assure us; Infinite, Eternal, Being, He Mary’s fiat gives God’s son a mom These ideas content us; full of grace, most highly favored, and blessed by God. Immaculate heart and […]

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