The Soul Whisperer

She submits to me persistently,
and Her cry is tendered silently.

The way is arduous and risky,
I so feared the hurt I’d be risking
I thought I’d rather not take the risk.

With courage knowing that it’s testy,
my guide offers help that’s testing
as hard to hear as bad news from tests,

Yes, living and loving is needy,
I must indulge companions’ needing
so embrace it and fulfill the need

But, I was arrogant and cocky,
and unaware of my cockiness;
with heartless thought I went off half-cocked.

“Things begin to grow and fester in the soul
… and unless they are cauterized
… it will become very perilous”

Neither condoning nor condemning,
deaf heartlessness my guide finds frightening;
so provides a needed enlightening.

Tells me to be still and not to leave,
and gives a message hard to receive:
Forgo my thoughts and truly believe

Fulfillment is in the shared burden
and acknowledgement, approbation,
and affection I must abandon

To live a life of love worthily
I hear the helpless hope simply
surrender to submission humbly

“She is standing right in front of me,
whispering words of wisdom, let it be.”


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