The Last Word

“Had I remembered the connection
I’d gone in a different direction…

But, really… ‘it is best to enjoy’…
the most loaded response to employ…
OK, you’re allowed your reaction,
but; please, after pouring out my heart,
I just have to say that for my part,
hearing that is a great affliction.
I struggle to keep my boundary;
but, it seems even if it hurts me,
you’ll have your say without compunction.”

“I am sorry, I feel terrible,
and my thoughtlessness incredible,
I fully accept your conviction.
I have made it difficult for you,
and gracelessly breached your boundary, too.
My heart admits its imperfection.
I apologize for the pain and hurt,
your heart and soul I over-exert.
I so deserve your disaffection.”

“I can’t deal with such a grim enjoin
the flip side of the enjoy-me coin —
I am so “done” with this dysfunction
Yes, I admit to my mixed distance
but now need clarity and balance
for my life must have redirection
Give me your gentle and kind help lest
I won’t be able to heal and rest.
and please pray for our safe protection.”

“I tumble, brooding and blubbering,
the ‘I can’t deal…’ is too resisting —
the flip side of the seemly sanction.
I feel the palette of emotion;
and, I know in joyous expectation
the both-and of authentic action:
centering involves sincere bumbling,
and balance needs honest blundering –
clarity comes from obstruction…

with all my heartfelt prayer production
you have my benign benediction.”


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