The Soul Whisperer

She submits to me persistently, and Her cry is tendered silently. The way is arduous and risky, I so feared the hurt I’d be risking I thought I’d rather not take the risk. With courage knowing that it’s testy, my guide offers help that’s testing as hard to hear as bad news from tests, Yes, […]

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The Last Word

“Had I remembered the connection I’d gone in a different direction… But, really… ‘it is best to enjoy’… the most loaded response to employ… OK, you’re allowed your reaction, but; please, after pouring out my heart, I just have to say that for my part, hearing that is a great affliction. I struggle to keep […]

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The R of Normal

At rest it assumes the air temp the key turns and the starter stuns when pushed, it whines; when coaxed, it purrs Is the R of Normal, normal? A heavy foot: rides it hard and leaves it wet, and stops and goes, riding the brake. They have the road all to themselves An easy foot: […]

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Away from Home

Trapped by “I have-to”, I go ahead. Freed by “I have-to”, I leave behind. Rebound and resound alas, so lost. Resound and rebound not to be found. Alone together in Life and Love Together alone all day, all night Hope and pain balanced, I wholly live. Balanced pain and hope I holy love.

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