…and nothing but the truth

There are some hidden truths, which
are not in self-evidence
that I must be mindful of:
Life is a labyrinth path.
Love and service is to all.
And all are worthy, right now.

“You know the truth; because,
you have been nursed with it, clothed with it…
You have been very much favored”

There are those who do much good;
they embrace… they share… they mend…
they enhance… and they make safe;
and, too, those who do much harm;
they attack… they lie…. they war…
they destroy… and they exploit

“First do no harm” the oath says
I add “whatever you do —
be a companion and friend.”

So both;“Whoever turns an
offender back from the wrong way
will save the offender’s soul”
and; “Love always protects,
always trusts, always hopes,
always perseveres” are truth.

Can this be self evident?
My home is your home and
all are welcome at my table.

The aha moment is this:
I’m the nurse… I’m the clothier…
I am very much favored;
and, it always takes much more —
more prayer… more patience… more strength
more courage… and much more heart.


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