Alone With

oh be not afraid. in the sky, the moment, on the ground alone, with friends, to mountain go, and pray with them in their presence be oh so happy and be oh so sad, submit and obey, never be the same woozy wobbly be Love’s shining Light in union are, not one not two with […]

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…and nothing but the truth

There are some hidden truths, which are not in self-evidence that I must be mindful of: Life is a labyrinth path. Love and service is to all. And all are worthy, right now. “You know the truth; because, you have been nursed with it, clothed with it… You have been very much favored” There are […]

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Lead with the Heart

“Love comes from Love, and whoever loves is a child of Love” Love begets happiness. With love, we are grace filled, sans love, we are hopeless. No good comes from acts of murmur, fear, or gossip; they beget suffering. Lovers embrace accord, and, reject all rancor, thus discarding discord. “Jealously guard your love; pray that […]

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Lesson Learned

When I lead with my heart, my soul is energized “Do try and see with your heart. If you do, you will never be tired” Grumpy wastes energy Pleasant saves energy Commitments energize “Tomorrow will have enough worries of its own, add not to its troubles” Today is my best day now is my finest […]

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Let It Be

Open the “Let it be” door It begets love of neighbor Let it be Do not blame a tree for its bareness See the beauty of hopefulness – cultivate Let it be Do not blame a person for wantonness See the wonder of faithfulness – motivate Let it be Do not blame a spirit for […]

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