She draws me into Her bosom, kisses me and makes it better. She cuddles with loving Wisdom – heart to Heart snuggles me to Her My life of love can be sparring; the harmony of Beauty lost. My love of life can be jarring; the Beauty of harmony tossed. With care, She makes a commotion. […]

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Corporate Conference

powerpoint bullets Talking Heads numbers execute win-win objectives kool aid Empty Suits shake hands execute do it strategy timelines More with Less budgets execute profit customer serveless Bottom Line worship execute right size talk the talk parrot Walk the Walk shadow execute lose-lose

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For God’s Sake

Obedience is the harmony of wills, taking the will of another doing the will of another Obedience is not blind Submission is not imposed A delicate balance this compliance: going along and going alone, some of me and some of them, What’s in it for me? Oneness Timing is everything, the union of not one-not […]

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