“…every good gift and every perfect present,
is bestowed upon us by the Creator of Light…”

It’s a waste for me to hoard my gifts,
I must unwrap and be present and
in that nakedness let the Light shine.

I must treasure the gifts as priceless
blessings, and share these holy graces.
For, it’s better to give than receive.

Long ago, my youth’s selfish heart was:
captivated by important gifts
enchanted by significant gifts

No more, I smile at my folly then:
captivated by my importance
enchanted by my significance

The mirror of giftedness broke, and
the shards of reflection gave me pause:
joy was not found in the pretty bow.

Getting it is in giving away.
Wisdom, strength, and courage are real when
in my openness I harmonize.

“We must be ever attentive to the
Spirit, asking fervently… for constant help
to have our heart’s desires”

So, I live by this law of Light: lead
with my heart and full presence will follow.


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