Who Cares

I have-to take care of my neighbor;
giving protection — granting mercy.

I must befriend the marginalized;
submit to them and respond with them;
be the miracle not the excuse.

Yes, I must take it personally,
apathy enslaves by depriving,
leaving them all to themselves, wastes me.

“ ‘Which of the three acted like a neighbor?’…
‘The one who was kind to him.’
‘You go then, and do the same.’ ”

Yes, I must do it personally,
empathy sets free with true gifting,
taking them all to myself, warms me.

“If you would be Christ-like…
begin with a compassionate heart…
This is a grace”

I must fully embrace the needy;
they aren’t hopeless if I am helpful.
I’m not helpless if they are hopeful.

I must cut the crap and be pleasant,
calmly enjoying the mystery,
mindful that kindness begets kindness.

All that’s not given away, is lost,
whatever I do, I do for all.


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