What do I do at the wall of prayer? Lunge under the blocks? Look for brokenness? Leap into the breach? Shield without support? Fall down and cower? Exalt its hardness? Act thick as a brick? Wield extreme effort? Push and pull away? Reflect its sheerness? Abide inside it? Yield to the consort? I am the […]

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“…every good gift and every perfect present, is bestowed upon us by the Creator of Light…” It’s a waste for me to hoard my gifts, I must unwrap and be present and in that nakedness let the Light shine. I must treasure the gifts as priceless blessings, and share these holy graces. For, it’s better […]

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Who Cares

I have-to take care of my neighbor; giving protection — granting mercy. I must befriend the marginalized; submit to them and respond with them; be the miracle not the excuse. Yes, I must take it personally, apathy enslaves by depriving, leaving them all to themselves, wastes me. “ ‘Which of the three acted like a […]

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