Salt of the Earth

They would rub salt in the wound;
they say to promote healing.
The burning is awful, though,
it makes my injuries throb.

Regardless of its success,
the remedy hurts, as much,
if not more, than the wounding.
Yes, the pain is intense and
makes me acutely aware
of the affliction’s deepness.

Topically applied, salt
is absorbed through unhealed sores;
and, it really, really hurts.
Literally, salt re-wounds,
it penetrates like a knife;
and, I just can’t help flinching.

Ironically, salting
is care without real concern
for the person’s well-being.
Paradoxically, salt
is sometimes self-inflicted;
and, I must abide the bite.

Metaphorically, it’s:
rub my nose in it at worst.
take my medicine at best;
Allegorically, it
pierces my poor damaged soul;
and, I must endure the ache.

Rubbing salt has no mercy —
adds insult to injury;
and, there’s no protection —
what don’t kill; makes me stronger.


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