We are troubled but not crushed in doubt but not in despair badly hurt but not destroyed Grace is a divine drive-by shot through and through it leaves us splayed by a blessing barrage We are drawn by the most High despite our push back and fuss it’s Her divine arbitrage Deaf to the call, […]

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Justice and Mercy

Justice speaks the truth Mercy hears the truth Justice is blind with his ears covered Mercy is shocked with her mouth covered Justice gives nothing and takes it all. Mercy has nothing to give and gives it all. Mercy listens with respect and convenes with a fiat Justice will not hear of it and adjourns […]

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Salt of the Earth

They would rub salt in the wound; they say to promote healing. The burning is awful, though, it makes my injuries throb. Regardless of its success, the remedy hurts, as much, if not more, than the wounding. Yes, the pain is intense and makes me acutely aware of the affliction’s deepness. Topically applied, salt is […]

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Dim the Din

Deafening silence defies demanding. Dwell in the moment, doubt not the Word, with discernment is clad. I am not searching, I am travelling with friends commingling. Demurred distractions Dismissed – be still, a delicate voice speaks. Past informs present — Listen with intent and silent assent Duped not by “owned”, I, despite the “story”, dissent […]

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Death is Our Birth

At our birth we begin Pilgrims for eternity Our life is ours to share Chosen and forsaken The shackles of life now Our death is ours to birth Desolate and consoled, The bracelets of life then “We might be deluged with good All life’s joys and pleasures But you can’t bring one piece of that […]

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