The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I see the sun transforming,
and grovel in its shadows.
Here and now is reforming –
Life and Love in the meadows.

She asserts, “My me is God.”
And, yet, she does wander.
The wealth of poorness is odd;
the lure of Light a wonder.

The world’s shadow disfigures;
but, its ways hard to deny.
Wisdom’s Light, though, transfigures
on this my heart does rely

I am not a mirror’s trick –
piety done in private,
invisible in public,
reflects a profound prophet

So, with freshness I submit,
with frenzy I apply,
with fretting I remit,
with freedom I comply.

I know what needs to be done.
Smartness is a delusion
I just want what must be done
Pleasantness a solution

Poor and humbly I accept
with serenity the light.
Despite shadows intercept,
the sun is a warm delight.


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