Way to Go

With bold humility dare believe,
confidently ask and do receive.

From its source the river flows
finding a way to the sea
to rest in an ocean bed.

On and on and so it goes,
the rocks dash its “let it be”,
the twists and turns test its head.

For my rough road, I’ve no hoes,
so much, thwarts and frustrates me;
but, believe by Love I’m led.

My path has no way-to-go’s,
in the joy of ecstasy
sadness is deeply abed

So, I humbly “Let it be”
like Mary with her welcome,
and Jesus while he’s undone.

She loves with a velvet glove;
puts-up-with but doesn’t shove
I see I’m taken-care-of.

“The spirit works in my soul,
new lights, new trusts, make me whole”


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