Taste and See

Welcomed at table;
there on your behalf.
I feel the joys double;
my sorrows are half.

I take a deep breath;
and, gulp with gusto
the taste of life and death;
I see the way to go.

Curbing tongue uncouth;
I silently respond:
taste to taste the truth’s Truth,
see to see beyond.

Without “let it be”;
I wallow in fear.
Alas, ears do not see;
my eyes do not hear.

Tasting makes things sweet,
the scene becomes clear,
heartened heart skips a beat,
the soul holds the fear.

Slowly, I swirl it,
an acquired taste –
No aftertaste to spit,
Nothing left to waste.

My lips speak clearly,
my tongue states solely,
my life lived dearly,
my love loved wholly.


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