Way to Go

With bold humility dare believe, confidently ask and do receive. From its source the river flows finding a way to the sea to rest in an ocean bed. On and on and so it goes, the rocks dash its “let it be”, the twists and turns test its head. For my rough road, I’ve no […]

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Taste and See

Welcomed at table; there on your behalf. I feel the joys double; my sorrows are half. I take a deep breath; and, gulp with gusto the taste of life and death; I see the way to go. Curbing tongue uncouth; I silently respond: taste to taste the truth’s Truth, see to see beyond. Without “let […]

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GMS (Good Morning Sunshine)

Few are the friends, who lighten burdens; companions, who strengthen our spirits. We don’t get to choose our cards, and we must play the cards dealt; — of course, sometimes we are dealt the Sun. “What a wonderful thing to be an amiable spirit… our hearts lightened and strengthened.” We bask in Sunshine’s presence, gracious […]

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In the Zone

enhanced experience expressing the inexpressible at the spectrum extremes brightest blues and rosiest reds near continuum limits a vector’s trajectory it happens on the field one with the ball supported by the will of teammates conditioned by muscle memory totally undefined but not unpredictable unbounded stillness a sound of silence overheard it occurs in the […]

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