The Lion and Lamb

See the lion and the lamb,
sitting side by side —
attending to each other.

Humble is pleasant and calm
with the hope and pain
of diligent openness.

“The meek inherit the earth,
the needy are cared for,
the merciful are protected.”

The unpretentious heart’s prayer
is unassuming
with bowed head and bended knee.

Look, again lion and lamb
tethered and askew —
controlled, tamed, and harvested.

Conceit is boastful and loud
with the hurt and claim
of destructive confidence.

“Go away, you bother me.”
“We have rules, you know.”
“Why can’t you be more like me.”

The affected lip’s prayer
is, as a demand,
with high brow and give-me stance.

I’m the lion and the lamb —
“To have graces and blessings
I must be humble.”


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