“Prepare ye for the new way”
divine presence is the present

The world is a wayward wasteland;
and so, I cannot save myself —
and the made flesh one redeems me.

My gift is to be prepared for
the hallowed birth of the baby, —
receiving blesses the giving.

The present has a simple bow
and the gift opened and unwrapped
reveals Love’s Truth and Life’s Goodness

“This is the time for generous
promising… If we can but think
less of ourselves we will be loved more…

the Baptist was sent to prepare
the way, a guide, who shows us we
must do penance and be humbled”

I look within to see beyond
all that I am and want to be —
I’m prepared to be different…

to be the comfort and joy in
the tranquility of pleasant;
the cacophony of smarter.

My joyous expectation is
this tender and gentle presence


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