Common Life

Shoulder to shoulder, cheek by jowl arm in arm, hand in hand Love of God, neighbor, and self in union with each other. Zealous, holy, and graceful not one, not two, together. Share the have and the have-not, bring something to the table. Easy lefts and rigid rights, rest assured something happens. Keep the good […]

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The Lion and Lamb

See the lion and the lamb, sitting side by side — attending to each other. Humble is pleasant and calm with the hope and pain of diligent openness. “The meek inherit the earth, the needy are cared for, the merciful are protected.” The unpretentious heart’s prayer is unassuming with bowed head and bended knee. Look, […]

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Space and Time

Take the time Give some space She sat there waiting in the waiting room She fidgeted fearing impending doom Hoping against Hope that all will be well They called her name and she rose with weak knees Then she sat again, alone among some others now Take the time Give some space An other touched […]

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“Prepare ye for the new way” divine presence is the present The world is a wayward wasteland; and so, I cannot save myself — and the made flesh one redeems me. My gift is to be prepared for the hallowed birth of the baby, — receiving blesses the giving. The present has a simple bow […]

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“Where is the one that is born king of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the East” The three wise magi came bearing gifts they were lead by their hearts and a star bringing tidings of comfort and joy Presenting their presents and leaving. We do not know where they came from […]

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